dynamic 'Inglehart-Welzel Map' - visual representation of World Values Survey

visual representation of World Values Survey

dynamic 'Inglehart-Welzel Map'

In this content, we have picked up a comparison study of the American political scientist Ronald Inglehart as basic data. Analysis of WVS data made by political scientists Ronald Inglehart and Christian Welzel asserts that there are two major dimensions of cross cultural variation in the world.

  • Traditional values vs Secular-Rational values.
  • Survival values vs Self Expression values.

'Traditional values emphasize the importance of religion, parent-child ties, deference to authority and traditional family values. People who embrace these values also reject divorce, abortion, euthanasia and suicide. These societies have high levels of national pride and a nationalistic outlook.'

'Secular-rational values have the opposite preferences to the traditional values. These societies place less emphasis on religion, traditional family values and authority. Divorce, abortion, euthanasia and suicide are seen as relatively acceptable. (Suicide is not necessarily more common.)'

quote from http://www.worldvaluessurvey.org/

With using 2 values as 2 axis, they made Inglehart–Welzel cultural map of the world.

We have made dynamic interactive version of the map. You can see how changes among years, you can check if geographical/cultural groupings of this map by Inglehart–Welzel are correct or not. We have possibilities to group other attributes like G8/OECD/English native or not except for the current grouping.